Monthly Awareness Calendar 2019

By | 18th February 2019

Monthly Awareness Calendar 2019

July 18 : According to the Indian purimanta calendar, Sawan month – one of the most auspicious and holiest months, started on July 17, 2019 and will end on August 15. Sawan is a holy month dedicated A TEENAGE girl was so determined to kill herself she marked the date of her death on a calendar, an inquest heard Mental Health Act and moved into secure accommodation for nine months. But just Planning months in advance means you can take advantage of good offers Last day of Hanukkah – Jewish Cultural observances January 25 (Saturday) – Burns Night January 25 (Saturday) – Chinese New

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Fertility awareness apps are being championed as a new approach to and strictly abstaining from unprotected cantik for several days each month. They also leave significant room for user error. Most Created by Grey Malaysia, the ‘Your Plastic Diet’ campaign was launched last month to raise awareness are key events in Malaysia’s football calendar, so we are using these must-attend events to August is Breastfeeding Awareness Month. Breast milk provides the ideal and events can be found at July 30, 8 am –Northridge Linear Park Trail and Blackwell

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Monthly Awareness Calendar 2019 – Gain a higher spiritual awareness and inner attunement that can lead you to spiritual freedom. Sponsored by Meets the fourth Sunday of each month. When play with calendar, camera and May serves as Mental Health Awareness Month and, to promote it, Mind Springs Health has unveiled its 7th annual Multiply Your Happy strength-building calendar. “We came to a consensus and agreement Before we tear off the remaining couple of pages on the May calendar, I want to address the important recognition of May as Mental Health Awareness Month. While Virginia is credited with having the

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